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If you are interested in learning how to play the pipes, both Nicholson Pipes and Drums founder  Kathleen Nicholson Graham and Pipe Major Robert Hackney give lessons. 

All ages from 7 on up are encouraged, both children and adults.  Whether you are just beginning the pipes, or played once and now want to get back into it, or are a continuing player interested in brushing up your skills with a good teacher, all are welcome.  A set of bagpipes is NOT required to begin your studies -- you will start out on the practice chanter.

Kathleen is a noted piper who has won many awards in both the U.S. and Canada.  She has more than 30 years' experience teaching beginners through advanced bagpipe students.  She founded the Nicholson Pipes and Drums in 1981.  If you are a movie or Star Trek fan, you will have heard her piping on the soundtrack of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  That wasn't Scotty playing those pipes -- it was Kathleen!

Pipe Major Robert Hackney, a Grade 1 piper, has won many awards in piping competitions throughout the West.  In the true tradition of Scottish bagpiping, with the skills passed down from teacher to student, he was a student of Kathleen's, a founding member of the Nicholson Pipes and Drums, and became Pipe Major of the Nicholsons in 1985.   He is a well-known bagpipe soloist, and performs for many events throughout Southern California.

Don't wait -- and DON'T get started playing alone by just using a book or video.  You will only teach yourself bad habits that are very hard to "unlearn."  A private instructor is the only way to begin playing the pipes properly.

Call Kathleen at (714) 534-8097 or Robert at (562) 696-1298 for prices, more information and to set up your lessons.


Drum Sergeant Malcolm Willis and other drum section members offer private or group lessons.  Scottish drumming is very different from regular marching band drumming, but many drummers have made the successful transition from marching band or drum corps to the Nicholson Pipes and Drums.  Also, children and adult beginners are welcome.  Lessons on snare, tenor and bass are available -- call Malcolm at (714) 895-4127 for prices and more information.





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